Since 2011, Legendary Adventure has been the leading DMC for sustainable Walking, Cycling, Birdwatching, Cultural & Nature Holidays in Portugal.

We specialise in organising Guided Small Group tours and Self-Guided holidays for Tour Operators and Travel Agents.

Our team chooses to operate small-scale tours because we strongly value personal interaction, the quality of our services, and, above all, the sustainability of our holidays.

Thanks to many years of experience, we know exactly what you need, making your work hassle-free. Our dedicated team loves to go the extra mile!

How can we help?

Fully licensed and insured Incoming Tour Operator

We propose a complete catalogue of ready-to-run holidays and travel products – tried, tested, and adjustable to your specific requirements.

B2B Buyers Only

We offer a white-label model to Tour Operators and Travel Agents. As the invisible brand behind your brand, we provide easy, hassle-free representation in Portugal.

Specialised in Walking and Special Interest Holidays

We have a team of dedicated resident leaders and planners, experts in organising and leading Walking, Cycling, Birdwatching and other themed tours.

Responsible and Sustainable Travel Services

Our Tours are carefully crafted and screened for responsible tourism, supporting local communities, small businesses, and natural resources.

Here's how it works:

1. Tell us what you need.

Do you need original and sustainable ideas for an operation in Portugal? Get in touch with us. Consult our list of travel services. We adjust all the itineraries and services to your needs.

2. We listen and adapt one of our great tours or design a custom tour just for you.

Our team prepares a custom product working closely with you. We guarantee less hassle and work for you, plus better rates for your clients.

3. Once you’re happy, we arrange everything.

We plan the itinerary to the smallest detail and arrange accommodation, transports, professional guides, and all the travel services necessary.

4. You relax, and your clients enjoy an authentic experience in Portugal.

We make sure your clients enjoy a great holiday in our company, representing your brand.

Why Partner with Legendary Adventure

experience + dedication + local knowledge

Cooperate with the leading provider

of walking holidays and off-the-beaten-track adventures in Portugal.

Take advantage of our extensive experience

and proven track record of satisfied customers.

Work with an innovative and passionate

team of locals, firmly committed to creating low impact holidays.

Benefit from an original portfolio

of itineraries and tours, with bespoke solutions created especially for your company.

Offer your clients a far more authentic

and rewarding holiday in Portugal - our expert local leaders love to show off our country!

Enjoy our unbeatable customer care

we take great pride in the seamlessly planning and service we offer.

Book & travel with confidence

Legendary Adventure has a European Tourism Covid-19 Safety Seal, and we only work with suppliers who are also compliant with these strict safety measures.

We regularly present you with FOC

educational trips, as well as other activities, to experience what your clients will get

We'll grant you access

to a curated selection of services and activity providers.

We work exclusively with tour operator clients

As a full service DMC, we offer 1 contact for all your needs in Portugal. Come and explore Portugal with us!

We are NOT a generalist, feel-good DMC

but if you look for honest guidance, tour operation, and local support in Portugal for walking and nature holidays, that's us! You'll have our experience, total dedication, and local knowledge.

Be an active ally of nature and local communities

we create our products and services following ethical principles of responsibility and sustainability.

Why Choose Legendary Adventure

sustainable . ethical . authentic

Holidays that run smoothly

Our Guided Tours are designed and escorted by professional resident leaders after extensive research and meticulous planning. Their expert insider knowledge and local connections ensure a seamless holiday experience – and they make the most of unexpected opportunities.

Our Self-Guided Tours are designed by local leaders and thoroughly planned with the best itineraries and solutions, with all the details covered. The documentation is offered with our in-house developed app Routes & Maps, to assist your clients throughout their stay without any use of paper material.

Our tours have dedicated professional local drivers – the same driver for the entire tour. They know the destination, the activities’ locations, and the details of each tour intimately.

We have a permanent and fixed team, ready to assist you throughout the year.

Differentiated products

You’ll find a catalogue of ready-to-sell products, all carefully designed and tested on the ground, and planned to the smallest detail to meet strict criteria of quality and sustainability.

We have been planning and running Walking, Cultural and Nature Holidays in Portugal on behalf of a broad range of clients and international partners for over 10 years. This wealth of experience in the industry means we have unrivalled knowledge and contacts.

It’s the most complete portfolio of Walking Holidays and Special Interest Tours in Portugal, covering the entire country.

We are happy to tailor our tours and holidays to suit your company’s requirements. You get bespoke designed holidays with specialised local knowledge.

Sustainable & low impact

We carefully craft and screen our tours for responsible tourism, which means supporting local communities and nature along the way. We work hard to ensure we have a positive impact on the communities we visit. We also offer a collection of rail holidays, by far the most environmentally-friendly way of travelling.

We favour services that employ local people and use local resources: meals in traditional restaurants; accommodation mostly in smaller units; use of small vehicles when public transport is not an option. Plus, our tours are designed, researched, and run by our in-house staff.

We work with a steady network of accommodation units, restaurants, and suppliers, chosen for their reliability and for sharing our ethical principles of responsible tourism.

We are very proud to be recognised as sustainable tourism by the Portuguese Tourism Bureau, although this is not just a formal recognition – it’s our way of life since the start of our company!

"Above and beyond" service

We want to add value to your operations in Portugal. It’s in the interest of both of our company’s that you have the most comprehensive marketing material, programs adjusted to your clients’ needs, and clear information about all the processes.

That is why we provide you with:

  • Copywriting material and high-resolution images for your website and marketing materials;
  • Detailed product information to make it easier for sales teams to get up to speed;
  • Sales and product team training – in person or webinars and FAM trips;
  • Specific itineraries, products, and travel themes for each particular situation;
  • Rates explicitly presented, with break down of any taxes and commissions;
  • An open discussion on booking, payment, and cancellation conditions.


Our Mission

Serve our customers with travel services of excellence, committed to the sustainability of the social, cultural, and environmental reality of our destinations.

Our Purpose

Provide high-quality and sustainable travel programs, carefully created to positively impact the local socioeconomic environments in each destination visited, and strive to conserve the environment.

Our Core Values

When you become our client, you place your clients under our care. We provide honest guidance and give you our expert opinion to make a measurable difference to your operation. We’ll even tell you no if we find it necessary.

We have built a team by identifying talent and respecting different opinions, knowledge, and abilities. Teamwork and mutual support are the foundation of our relationship.

Respect for the individual
We value human dignity and accept our differences to establish a polite and friendly working environment.

Quality of Services
Excellent service quality is one of our most important values. It demands all our energy, determination, and dedication. We strive continuously to achieve quality results, avoid mistakes, and optimize delivery time.

Each one of us must interact transparently and appropriately with each other and with our clients. It strengthens our interpersonal relations and the image of our company.

Our business culture includes a strong sense of belonging and loyalty, nurtured by our tight relationship and sense of individual importance. We work together for a common purpose, with commitment and pride, and this attitude must extend to our clients.

Constructive Spirit
Positive attitude, optimism, and creativity when facing daily adversities are essential for our team. We firmly believe that we are on the right side of tourism, looking for fairer and more sustainable travelings.

Community and Environment
We commit socially and culturally to the community and adapt our business strategies to make the best choices and preserve the environment.

Our Vision

To be the leading Portuguese DMC in the sustainable tourism sector by the year 2025.
To be recognized for the quality and integrity of our service and contribution to the development of our country.
To provide services in Portugal to socially conscious operators committed to contributing to the people, places, and communities in positive ways.